At Ghent Veterinary Hospital we recommend annual examinations to keep your pet healthy. If your pet is over seven (7) years old or has ongoing medical issues, we often recommend biannual examinations.

During the physical exam we check everything from nose to the tail and will discuss appetite, behavior, activity level, and any other concerns you may have. If your pet seems healthy, this is still a great time for a veterinary visit to measure any trends in their baseline information (for example, weight) that may not be obvious at home.

The physical exam is an excellent time to ask the veterinarian questions. There are no silly questions, and we encourage you to ask anything that may be on your mind regarding your pet’s wellness and behavior! We encourage you to bring your pet in early as soon as there is any noticeable change in their normal healthy behavior. Many diseases can be treated or managed with much greater success if you bring your pet in early in the process. Animals often hide that they are sick very well so if you are noticing an issue please bring your pet in for an examination.