We strive to create a positive experience for you and your pet! Fear Free veterinary visits are designed to reduce the stress and anxiety level of your pet throughout their experience at Ghent Veterinary Hospital.

This actually begins at home with you the pet owner! We can advise you of simple things long before appointment time that may reduce anxiety. For example: leaving the cat carrier out for a while before your appointment, covering the carrier during transport to reduce distractions, and providing calming medication when prescribed by the veterinarian. Please refrain from giving food to your pet for several hours prior to the visit, as this will allow food rewards to be more effective during their stay.

If you are one of the lucky owners that has a happy dog or cat that loves to go to the veterinarian’s office, then we will work hard to ensure they continue to feel that way! Your pet will remain with you throughout the examination and most testing unless you prefer otherwise. If a stool sample is needed, we will advise you in advance of your visit — we recommend you bring this with you to the visit to ensure a lower stress experience.

Not every method works for every pet. When we discover what your pet enjoys the most, we make a note in their record for future visits. Some pets prefer distraction with peanut butter while others are happier with a Thundershirt or pheromones. Some pets may be so stressed or anxious at the veterinarian’s office we will need to reschedule with oral sedation that you may give at home. The goal is to keep everyone safe while decreasing anxiety levels. Oh — and we’ll keep the vacuuming to a minimum while your pet is within earshot!!