As part of Ghent Veterinary Hospital’s goal to provide the highest quality care, we have equipped the Hospital with the best diagnostic technology available:

  • A full-body digital radiography system that stores images on a cloud-based software platform. This matters to you as a client because images can be accessed anytime and from anywhere — for example, if X-rays need to be forwarded to an emergency hospital or specialist.
  • In-house bloodwork machines. If your pet is sick, we are able to run a complete blood count and chemistry panel, and provide you the results, in under 20 minutes. We can diagnose and tailor treatment during one office call for many cases by performing in-house bloodwork.
  • We have an oxygen concentrator used during surgeries and to provide oxygen for cage tents when needed.
  • Our practice management software is fully paperless and backed up at two offsite locations every day.  This significantly reduces the risk of treatment errors and provides much quicker access to your pet’s history than paper records.

Any testing we are not able to perform in house will be sent to a reference laboratory with an average turnaround time of 24 hours (for most tests). We also have the ability to consult with various specialists — from internists regarding your pet’s bloodwork to board certified radiologists reviewing your pet’s radiographs.