Chronic pain is becoming a more common problem in veterinary medicine as pets are living longer and longer. Managing arthritic pain is a very important part of managing quality of life. We are dedicated to providing the best quality of life for your pet through all of their years. Many owners may not notice that their pet is uncomfortable, as pets can hide this from us very well. If your pet is resistant to stairs or jumping on furniture (or in and out of the car), please talk to us about it. These are important signs that need to be addressed.

If you prefer alternative therapies such as acupuncture, laser therapy, or water treadmill we can provide you with recommendations on where to pursue these options locally.

Acute pain is most often secondary to surgery or trauma. The most important factor here is pre-emptive pain management – treating the pain before it becomes severe. All surgery patients at Ghent Veterinary Hospital receive pre-emptive pain medication, and we discuss post-operative pain care with you when we discharge your pet.