Ghent Veterinary Hospital is Fear Free

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The Ghent Vet staff that will be handling your pet have all gone through Fear Free certification training. The Fear Free protocols allow veterinary hospitals to create a more comfortable and less stressful environment for our patients. Some examples include using calming pheromones, providing quiet spaces for pets to relax, and training staff on how to handle fearful animals. We also document a pet’s fear and aggression level each time they see a doctor and keep track of details that help the visits go better (e.g., “Freya really enjoys the peanut butter mats”, “Zoe does well for nail trims if you go slow with her”).

Some pets will still have heightened fear or anxiety despite these accommodations, and in these cases, our doctors might dispense prescription medications to help make the exams more comfortable for the patient (as well as allow for a more thorough examination).

There are several benefits to Fear Free certification. For one, it can help to reduce the stress and anxiety that pets experience during veterinary visits. This can lead to better outcomes for pets, as they are more likely to be cooperative and compliant with treatment. Additionally, fear-free practices can help to improve the safety of both pets and staff, as they are less likely to be injured due to fear-related aggression.

Ghent Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing a calm and stress-free experience for your pet.

Some of the benefits of fear-free veterinary care include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety for pets
  • Improved outcomes for pets
  • Increased safety for pets and staff
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Improved staff morale